Outstanding surroundings…

With its Mediterranean climate, another winning card in its hand, Provence offers all the amenities to the lovers of the great outdoors. Nature lovers will find the scenery of hills with vineyards, light green pine trees, and dark green oak woods. Like a sentinel posted in the heart of the plains, Mont Ventoux stands guard over the surrounding plateaus and countryside. The hills and mountains are home to protected flora & fauna, and cover half of the territory offering a variety of picturesque sites cris-crossed by over 2500 km of biking trails. Easy bike rides often take you through historical places and are one of the best ways to discover Provence. Many other sporting activities are also available, such as climbing, canoeing, golf, wing sailing, fishing, and of course the traditional bowls game "…" under the shade of the old plane trees.

Provençal markets …

You can visit different local markets on the following days:

MONDAY : Cavaillon, Tulette, Bollène, Bèdoin
TUESDAY : Vaison La Romaine, St Paul Trois Châteaux, Gordes
WEDNESDAY : Valréas, Buis les Baronnies, Malaucéne
THURSDAY : Nyons, Orange
FRIDAY : Carpentras, Pierrelatte, Dieulefit
SATURDAY : Ste Cécile les Vignes, Richenrenches (tussen de maanden november en maart truffelmarkt)
SUNDAY : Nyons, Avignon, Ile sur La Sorgue