Welcome to the World of the Black Truffles
“The Truffle is the Diamond of the French Gastronomy”, Brillat-Savarin

Capital of the Black Truffle
Every Saturday, between mid-November and March, a “black diamond” truffle market is held in the nearby village of Richerenches, the capital of the black truffle. In Richerences, there are two markets available to purchase truffles, one is located at “Le Cours du Mistral” and is open to the public; while the other is located at “The Avenue de la Rabasse” and is for wholesalers. Buyers carefully inspect each facet of the truffle as if it was a precious diamond. The colour, structure, and purity of the truffle determine its value.

La Melano
In Richerenches, the Tuber Melanosporum truffle, also known as La Melano, can be found. This truffle is considered a “diva” - mysterious, prestigious, rare, delicious, unique, these are just a few of her qualities. The black colour and potent smell of the Melano black truffle make foodies salivate. The closest family of the Melano truffle is the Tuber Brumale, also known as La Brumale. La Brumale is valued at approximately half the cost of La Melano. The scent of La Brumale is also very potent, but the flavour is rather musky. The Melano and the Brumale reach their maturity and excellence from mid-November to March. Click here for more pictures)

Black Truffle Experience at La Plantade
La Melano is a delicious truffle that inspires several great preparations you can experience first-hand at La Plantade. During the winter months we organize gourmet weekends dedicated to black truffles. Together with our rabassier (black truffle guide) Christian Allègre, we offer a complete Black Truffle Hunting & Cooking Package. (Click here for details.)

The truffle markets are open: Friday – in Carpentras, Saturday – in Richerenches, and Sunday – in St Paul Trois Châteaux